All the sports you can think of

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hold your own around the tables at most social gatherings?

You may be in a minority here, but it all starts at the office on a Monday morning. If they are not talking around the water cooler or coffee machine about the great cup final that happened over the weekend, they are all looking forward to the traditional Monday night football game. All you can do is nod your head politely and sigh.

Because, really, you haven’t the foggiest what they are talking about and nor do you care. Well, you should care. It’s not nice being an outsider. It could even damage your career prospects, as superficial as that sounds. There is nothing that pleases the boss more than a polite invitation from one of his staff members to join him in a round of golf. You may think that this sport is really boring but little did you know it is one of the most popular sports around.

It has been a great tradition for many years, but the golf greens have been good meeting places for clients. It is a lot healthier being out in the fresh air than remaining crouched in a chair at a chosen restaurant where the food might not be so good anyway. Sport is a great way to meet new friends. That may seem ironic to you, but it’s true. It’s ironic for you because what is the point of meeting folks with whom you have nothing in common.

A fair point, but revisit this, won’t you. It does not have to be any of the mainstream sports; it could be something as calm and pleasant as walking the dogs through the park.